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We know the effort & hard work you put into make your song.

We'll take care of your music and give you the best sounding mix and master.

Mix that's dull and lifeless? Master which has a flat and weak tone? Do you need a remix for your song?

We will mix, master and produce   music to perfection, from precise surgery to a complete facelift. Our experienced team of producers and engineers will deliver fantastic release ready results.

Our Services


We mix every song we receive. We have almost every plugin ever made on the planet! Our top-of-the-line monitoring system combined with a fully acoustically treated studio gives our clients amazing results!  

We offer both stereo and stem mastering. We master with Analog Style Compression &EQ plugins. All our mix packages include mastering but you can order mastering only. 



Along with mixing and mastering services, we also provide Music Production services. We deliver an arrangement that will knock your socks off. This service includes mixing and mastering.

Why Hire Us?

Mixing and mastering are the final steps in the process of making your music sound amazing. It is the thing that's keeping you from making your music sound amazing in clubs, cars, and streaming platforms.


It can be the oomph factor for your song, distinguishing it from the million songs being released every day. 

  •  We help you shine amongst the million streams! 

  • Want to stand out?

  • Want to create something special and one of a kind? 


Aaryan Bhagat


Been going to tiny room since February 2019. My work as an independent artist is becoming better day by day and all the credit goes to the studio and the engineer.

Shashank Tiwari

(DJ & Composer)

Adamya is very proferssional and helpful. He understands the needs of an artist and works accordingly! Had a productive time.

I've been working with Adamya since i started recording my first song. He always gets what the song needs perfectly and is very easy to gel with. Working with him is always a good experience!

Anchit Magee
(Vocalist & Songwriter)

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